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ICAI NOTIFICATION: What to do now?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India released a notification giving an option to the students to opt out from the July 2020 attempt and get transferred to the November 2020 attempt. This has left many students in confusion as to what to decide.

This message is the advice of our Course Director Mr S Venkatesan.

After seeing today's notification from ICAI, many of you would have been taken by surprise. There are lot of intricate administrative aspects involved and that's why Institute has left the options to students. Now many public opinions and expert opinions are pouring in regarding what to do next. I firmly believe that you should not get carried away by such messages/suggestions. You are the best judge and if you have prepared very well go for July exams (subject to necessary precautions). If you feel discomfort in any form like worry about the Coronavirus impact to you or if you are not in a state of mind to go for exams now just don't think twice, straightway opt out. Only word of suggestion is don't postpone hoping that you can prepare better for November 2020 exams than now. This issue surrounding you is something not in your control and so don't think too much of a missed attempt. No doubt, Coronavirus is causing a havoc and there is a serious threat to our health. So, your mind should drive a decision than your heart. All the best!

Take care and Stay Safe!


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